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Dr. Deepa Patil
Dr. Deepa Patil is ‘one-of-its-kind’ person and a Doctor. A Merit holder in school, a University topper in Homeopathy, and a successful & well known doctor. She is very ambitious, much focused and very determined.
She keeps herself highly updated with everything around in spite her hectic schedule as a doctor and a mother. Her zealous self makes her an outstanding person who is always willing to learn more & give more to the society.

As a doctor, she is always ready to listen and help her patients. In her continuous efforts to educate and help various sectors of the society on topics like Healthy/Stress-free living, she has conducted various informative seminars like “Stress Management”, “Holistic Healing”, “ABC of First Aid”, “Importance of Outdoor Games” & “Niramay Jeevana Saathi” etc.

Dr. Deepa Patil strives relentlessly to achieve her aim:
  • Apply the gentle art of healing for the treatment of both acute and chronic cases
  • Spread general awareness about health care “Trio of Health” – physical, mental and spiritual health, thus contributes towards ‘healthy India’. - YouTube link

She has well-developed interpersonal, communication and listening skills for case-taking and patient management and is also equipped with a team of assisting doctors to help her in case-taking, follow-ups and superior patient experience.

She is a dedicated Homeopathy Doctor with an excellent track record of providing good results to the patients and adopts the highest standards of medical care and ethics. The offline and online clinic uses the best quality medicines for all the patients and latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered technology tools.

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The Global & Online Clinic helps patients with quality and timely online consultations and doorstep delivery of quality international class homeopathy medicines.

Avail the benefit to get the best Homeopathy Treatment from the comfort of your home or office & embrace safe, natural, chemical and side-effect free homeopathy treatment & holistic care solutions.

Supportive Homeopathy Treatment for various diseases: Wellness of Mind, Insomnia, Weight Management, Digestion Problems, Wellness of Women, Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attack, Stress Management, Skin Complaints, Geriatric Healthcare, Eczema, Cervical Spondylitis, Pituitary Diseases, Piles, Allergy, Viral fever, Thyroid, Malaria, Asthma, Tonsillitis, Acne, Pimples, Rheumatic complaints, Vertigo, Varicose Vein, Pcod, Pcos, Menstrual Problems, Gastric Treatment, Ulcer, Acidity, ADHD, Neurological Problems, Alopecia Areta Treatment, Diabetes Management, Joint Problems, Muscle Problems, Musculosketel Disorders, Neck Pain, Liver Diseases, Migraine, Hypertension, UTI, Lifestyle disorder diseases, Diet, Counseling....
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